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All research is made freely available to download and distribute. If you wish to reference or use any material, please get in contact and we will put you in touch with the researcher direct.

Research books and chapters

These studies were in collaboration with Universities and Independent research organisations

2018 - Fitness for life and cancer prevention (SE)
2011 Study - Fast food consumption in adults within UK

Research Reports

2012 - Is society responsible for producing criminals?
2007 - Social structures vs individuality - Forming identities?
2007 - Have scientists explained the relationship between knowledge & social change?
2007 - Globalization - Its threats and theories
2006 - Summarize the different environmental footprints of world’s regions and the connections between environmental footprints and national income
2006 - The role of social factors in the formation of identities.
2005 - Nutrition course lesson plans for secondary schools

Lecture Presentations & Discussions

2018 - Robin hood hackers - Fighting for a free system?
2018 - Brave new World 2048? Pitch v0.1
2018 - The world order - Who rules who?
2018 - Spaceship earth - A global responsibility?
2018 - Spaceship Earth and the need for nature (SE)
2018 - Animal rights and character quotes (SE)
2018 - Women in film and a sexual society (SE)
2018 - World Peace & Sanctity of All Life (SE)
2018 - Porn Studies Stats - Toxic Impact?
2018 - Porn and Hentai Studies stats - A Toxic Media?
2017 - World peace - The gift of Christmas and Easter?

2017 - St Nicholas, Father Christmas facts
2017 - The value of life? To include artificial in the future?
2017 - What is truth? Scientific and moral responsibility to all life.
2017 - Returning to the Victorian age - Being homeless in modern UK
2017 - Broken Britain - Moral decay in a post-modern world
2017 - Womens rights + the family in a changing world
2017 - Barriers to health - Healthy eating
2017 - Journey through philosophy
2017 - Showmen travellers and all the fun of the fair! - Inc showmen stories
2017 - The moral law in a world of suffering..
2017 - Human beings and humanity - Meaning in a world of suffering..
2017 - Humanism, humanity and being human - Being human in a world of suffering..
2017 - Technohumanity - Humanity vs technology
2017 - Return learn gaming - Gamejolt channel
2017 - Return learn gaming - Social change gaming
2017 - The problem of good and evil
2017 - Fitness for life book and presentation material
2016 Lecture material - Test of Faith and Science for schools (http://schools.testoffaith.com)
2014 Powerpoint - Emotional labour, are we valued?

Philosophy and Theology publications

2018 - Scientific truth - How knowledge changes? Intelligence is controversial..
2018 - The meanings of love & Quotes on love (SE)
2018 - Wisdom in the Bible - Charles Spurgeon combo
2018 - Wisdom in the Bible - Bible Study combo
2018 - Children are a blessing and a hope
2018 - Fine Tuned Faith - Science&Faith + Our responsibility to all life (SE)
2018 - Top 100 books for lifelong learning (Lifespan dev)
2017 - Sermon on the mount + faith infographics for peace
2017 - Remembrance for peace? 100 years since the war to end all wars..
2017 - Reflections on faith, Philosophy and science (SE)
2017 - Belief in Business + Quakers history (SE)
2017 - Transhumanity Are we becoming the borg?
2017 - Global issues - Preventable deaths of 20/21st centuries
2017 - The purpose of man and philosophy?
2017 - Role of faith in society + Social change pioneers (SE)
2017 - Learning through infographics Vol 1-3 (SE)
2017 - Learning through faith Infographic vol 1-2 (SE)
2017 - Learning through Faith - Infographic vol II
2017 - learning through infographics Vol V - Greed
2017 - Learning through info-graphics volume III
2017 - Jesus a unique saviour?
2017 - Moral law 7 sins and virtues + Moral law in a world of suffering (SE)
2017 - Moral law - Seven sins and virtues on character development
2017 - Learning through info-graphics volume II
2017 - The meanings of love and the problem of good and evil (SE)
2017 - The meanings of love
2017 - Revolution of the heart
2017 - Blessed are the peacemakers
2017 - Utopia vs Dystopia fighting for the future!
2017 - The Golden Rule Pathways to peace through faith
2017 - Studies in stained glass - 100+ designs photographed and edited
2017 - No place for our learning - changing face of education
2016 - Science and faith - Are they compatible?
2016 - Reflections on Christianity
2016 - Quakers - Life in action, belief and faith? 
2016 - Hardest Retro Games?
2015 - Learning through info-graphics volume I
2015 - Election time - Liberal Socialist Manifesto
2013 - Are the ‘circularity’ and 'reductionist' critiques of Locke’s account of personal identity justified?
2013 - 'Gassendi disagrees with Descartes’ theory of the soul as immaterial. Critical discussion
2012 - Descartes argues in the sixth meditation that there is a real distinction between mind and body. What does this mean?
2012 - 'According to Plato, What is the task of a philosopher?
2011 - The limits of pleasure and happiness, does utilitarianism offer a solution?
2008 - Aaron Swartz Open Access Manifesto

Shift Labs Research - Positive gaming for better mental health

BfB Labs Trial Summary

September 26, 2016

An evaluation report describing the results of the five trials of Shift’s emotionally responsive biofeedback video game, conducted to investigate the effectiveness of the game in training emotional regulation skills through regulated diaphragmatic breathing, as well as measure levels of enjoyment and stickiness.

Building Resilience through Emotionally Responsive Gaming: Findings from a biofeedback video game RCT

September 21, 2016

An evaluation report describing the results of a randomised control trial run with 290 young people in The Billericay School, Essex.

Building Resilience through Emotionally Responsive Gaming: Findings from a biofeedback video game trial at St Angela’s Ursuline School

September 20, 2016

An evaluation report describing a trial with 30 girls at St Angela’s Ursuline secondary School, Newham, East London.
Harnessing the power of games to improve wellbeing

March 20, 2015

An evaluation report describing the results of the first test of BfB’s biofeedback video game, which uses the player’s heart rate to reward players for staying calm under pressure.
Video games and wellbeing

March 1, 2014

Exploring the role and impact of video games in young people’s lives, and how video games and biofeedback can be combined in wellbeing interventions.
Kathleen Collett and Naomi Stoll

Workout and exercise Posters - www.neilarey.com

Educational Posters - Philosophy and critical thinking