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Environmental Documentaries

Warmer, The Truth about climate change (2016)

Global warming...Do The Math w/ Bill McKibben, 350.org

Technology : Way to New Energy (2014)

College Conspiracy documentary (2012)

L.Poitras on E. Snowden & CITIZENFOUR

The right to breath documentary (2015)

Fossil free documentary (2015) - Becoming carbon-free?
Arctic Kingdom - Life on the edge (2016)

STAY // Full Length Documentary (Americas, 2013)

Real Value : Local business pushing for sustainability in environments and communities. (2016)

Renewable Energy (National Geo, 2014)

The choice is ours (2016)

Edward Snowden on GCHQ, Facebook

2050 Future shock - Documentary

Sanctity of all life?

Human rights an endless battle (2009)

Workers rights - With these hands

History of labour unions

Biography of the working class

Animal rights an endless struggle (2014)

Risking all for the life of animals (2017)

The Species-ism of humans (2014)

Sustainability (2019 Documentary)