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Food and Health Documentaries

Dominion (2018) - Food industry insight

The Food of the future documentary (2015)

Animal Pharm inside GMO's (2015)

What you eat matters (2018)

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Season 1 Ep1

Processed vs natural foods documentary (2016)

Fast foods and fast profits (2015) USA

Tipping the scales Documentary (USA,2011)

Rediscovering healthier alternatives documentary (LifeMattersChannel)

Fast Food Fast profits (2010)

How corporations Ruined food (2017)

Locally abundant food documentary (2014)

Kyushoku : The Japanese School Lunch

Farm INC Documentary (2011) on USA farming provides a shocking industry exposure

Jamie Oliver 'teach kids about food' (2010)

Farmageddon - Truth about dairy industry

Truth about Cancer episode 1 (2016)

Doctor Mercola (www.mercola.com) discusses the benefits of Raw Milk (USA)

Cancer Is Serious Business - Official (2011)

Fast Food profits in USA report (2014)

Seeds of death GM Documentary (2013)