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Inspiring social change through media, debates and action

Who we are and how you can help

Collaborative learning

One of the most valuable ways to master your skills as a organiser is by learning from others in the community. We’ve learned at HMM that organisers can be each other’s best mentors, teachers, and advocates.

Funding research, writing and design to create social change media for all to use. Providing talks at a community led and international level to discuss global problems, utilising technology to promote learning.

Without you, change cannot happen.
Help to make a change in the community

We aim to use over 80% of funds directly in programs. No spending on advertising or fundraising campaigns.

Other ways to support us

Becoming a Fellow

Our work is supported by a strong Fellowship – achievers and influence's from every field with a real commitment to progressive social change - who share new ideas, skills and contacts, develop their own projects and support others through local and online networks.

If you are interested in highlighting a community issue or researching a project elsewhere for a talk or project in the community please get in touch.

Working with the people to challenge problems of the community and develop projects and understanding through documentaries, talks, research and direct action.

Our purpose  is to develop and promote new ways of thinking about human fulfillment and social progress which speaks directly to our strap line - Social change through media and action

Promoting independent social film-makers
Underpinning our work are enduring beliefs in human progress, reasoned enquiry, environmental sustainability, and ethical commitment combined now with a commitment to public participation and social inclusion.
In pursuing these aims we are led by four values: independence, determination, honesty and openness. 

With the support of our funders – Trusts, Foundations, local authorities and public bodies - our Projects combine radical new thinking with practical action to deliver positive social change and help people to fulfil their potential. These range from work in education, design and the arts, to enterprise, public service innovation and community development
Different ways to donate

  • One off donation - donate now to support the innovative work of Hearts and Minds
  • Regular donation - we rely on the support of our donors to make an impact through our projects in local communities.
  • Make a gift in your will - and help future generations fulfill their potential.